On Track Book Releases TODAY!


I’m excited to announce the release of my very first book TODAY!

On Track: Life Lessons from the Track & Field is now available on Amazon in paperback or for Kindle.  Click on the link below to order your copy today!

Here’s a bit of the introduction from the book to wet your appetite:

I haven’t always been a runner.

In fact, there were many moments when I utterly despised running.

Somewhere between college and my early thirties, I discovered running, or maybe it discovered me.  I began pounding a couple of miles at a time around my neighborhood after I came home from work one night and realized I was starting to develop a bulge around my midsection.  My love for food and my slowing metabolism had to be counterbalanced, and running seemed like the natural cure.

Despite running cross-country for a season in high school, along with a season of winter track, I was not a confident runner.  Now in my thirties, I jogged around my neighborhood trying to go as fast as I could for as long as I could.  I ended up running two or three miles, and I was done.

Then a good friend of mine invited me to join him in preparing for a half marathon.  This was an utterly crazy idea in my opinion, but somehow he convinced me to join him on a nine-mile training run one Saturday morning.  I had never run this far in my life.  This nine-mile run flipped a switch in me.  I suddenly wanted to run more.  I was now looking forward to running the half marathon with my friend.

Writing has been a similar journey for me.  I wasn’t a bad writer in high school.  In fact, I somehow managed to survive four years of high school honors English.  But my first love was always math and science.  These two subjects pushed me into the world of engineering.

I wrote several papers in college as a requirement for classes, but writing was not something I considered fun.  I graduated and entered the real world of construction and engineering, where I stayed away from long writing assignments unless absolutely necessary.

And then another good friend introduced me to the world of blogging.  He helped me set up my first blog, and I was off and running (I mean writing).

Blogging, like running, became a refuge from the demands of work and raising a family.  It became a place for me to reflect on life’s stretching moments and to stretch readers.  As the years went along and the blog posts began to pile up, I began to receive encouragement and confirmation that my writing was connecting with readers.

My blogging took me down roads I never imagined.  I’ve written about life from many different angles.  Somewhere along the road my interest in running, my interest in writing, and my faith started to intersect.

This book is the product of this intersection.

This book isn’t just for the runner or athlete.  I believe it provides practical life lessons we all can embrace.

If you’re stuck in a rut or need a little guidance in finding your way, I’m hoping this book will help you get On Track!

On Track has picked up several great endorsements and some wonderful reviews.  Here’s what readers are saying about the book:

On Track is a fantastic, quick read!  The stories are inspiring, the lessons life changing and the motivation undeniable!  Jon will have you hooked from the very first page!  The only challenge to reading this book is wanting to stop to apply its principles in your life immediately!  I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to get or keep their life On Track!” Mark Sieverkropp, entrepreneur, speaker, author of Project:  Success (www.sieverkropp.com)

“This small book packs a big punch. When Jon writes about his races, I feel as though I am there. He draws me in and then promptly gives me a life lesson to take away. Whether you’re an athlete now, have one hidden inside, or have never so much as laced up your running shoes, read Jon’s book to discover how to get your life ‘on track.’” Matt McWilliams, entrepreneur, leadership guru, author of The Power of Gratitude (www.mattmcwilliams.com)

“Jon offers a tidy little book, a parable if you will, comparing life to running at a track meet. Readers will enjoy sharing the author’s personal experiences and will find the extra boost they are looking for to get their life back on track. An easy, enjoyable and worthwhile read.”  Matt Appling, teacher, artist, author of Life After Art (www.mattappling.com)

“In this marvelous, short, easy to read book, Jon Stolpe likens life to a track meet. He uses track and field analogies to help the reader think through life choices. Each scenario is practical and applicable, even if you have never had track and field experience. The reader is consistently pointed to Jesus Christ as the key to staying ‘on track’ in life.”  Leah Adams, speaker, author of From the Trash Pile to the Treasure Chest and HeBrews A Better Blend (www.leahadams.org)

Head on over to Amazon today to order your copy!

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Will you be picking up a copy of On Track?  How would your life be better if you lived on track?