Uncommon Greatness by Mark Miller – Book Review

Uncommon Greatness is transformational. The pursuit alone will transform us, the people and organizations we serve, and our performance.

Mark Miller – Uncommon Greatness (pp. 13-14)

What makes a leader great?

Better yet, as a leader are you content with normal, common greatness or do you want to be a leader that rises above the norm?

In Uncommon Greatness – Five Fundamentals to Transform Your Leadership, Mark Miller shares the secret to elevating your leadership to the next level. In his latest book (which releases today – February 27th, 2024), Miller provides a roadmap for becoming an uncommonly great leader. Uncommon Greatness systematically shows when you SERVE with HEART you are on your way to lasting greatness.

I was privileged to receive an early launch team copy of this book. I devoured it. I highlighted the pages. I firmed up some areas of my own leadership to better align with Miller’s teachings. And I’ve been sharing the message of Uncommon Greatness with my team.

If you want to become the best leader you can be, it starts by avoiding the trap of settling for the common. Learn how you can achieve uncommon greatness as a leader by picking up a copy of Uncommon Greatness today!

Author’s note: I received a copy of Uncommon Greatness in exchange for an honest review. I truly believe this book is a great resources for current and aspiring leaders. I recommend Uncommon Greatness, and I’ll look for ways to share the messages of this book with others. Go check it our for yourself.