The Trade by Lon Stroschein – Book Review

When I think of the trade, I think about a blockbuster sports trade in which high profile players or moved around the league in exchange for other players, draft picks, and/or cash. I think about trading baseball cards. For example, a few weeks ago, I traded several New York Yankees baseball cards to my friend, Dan, in exchange for a Milt Thompson autographed baseball and three other autographed items from retired Philadelphia Phillies players. I also think about stock trading.

Trading one thing for another think is what it’s all about. When we trade we attempt to better our position for the future (or at least keep it from getting worse).

This year, I was introduced to Lon Stroschein. Lon is a former corporate executive who recently left his high paying corporate job in order to pursue something different. He traded his past job for something new – something different – something better. Since leaving his corporate job, Lon has taken up coaching, podcasting, speaking, and writing in an effort to help “dudes” like himself make similar trades.

The Trade book cover

This summer, Lon released his first book, The Trade: Moving from the life you have to the life you want. In The Trade, Lon tells his story. He tells exactly what was going through his head as he considered stepping away from the mergers and acquisition success he had come to know. He shares about the conversations he had with his wife about making this trade. And he shares an important story about his daughter that left me in tears.

What Lon has to share in The Trade is important and wise. Our lives are short. Maybe it’s time you consider a trade.

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Author’s note: I now consider Lon a friend. I’ve read his book. I’ve listened to every single episode of his podcast. I’m part of his email and LinkedIn communities. And I’ve had the great honor and privilege of spending time talking one on one with Lon. He is a solid individual. He’s inspiring. He is a fantastic listener who asks thought provoking questions. You should check him out.