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I’m Jon Stolpe.  I’m The Stretched Blogger.  I’m a Christ-follower first and foremost, and I’m also a husband and father.  I’m an engineer by background, and I serve as an operations manager for a local branch of a major international building automation company.

This is my personal blog.  It is focused on “stretching.”  I write about leadership, life, parenting, marriage, and faith.  I’ve come to understand that you’re not really living if you aren’t stretching and growing.  My blog is a place to share my stretching experiences and to challenge others to get out of their comfort zones to stretch with me.

My goal is to encourage others to stretch by sharing my own experiences of stretching.  If you are someone who is looking to stretch and grow – if you’re not content with living your life as normal – then this blog is for you.

I typically post five times a week.  To make sure you don’t miss my latest posts, you can subscribe by entering your e-mail on the main page in the right sidebar.  I also accept a limited amount of advertising.

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My Biography

You might be wondering where the “Stretched” thing comes from. For starters, when I was in high school at Rancocas Valley Regional High School, I was short – 5’6″ to start my junior year. Since then, I’ve grown to almost 6’6″. Many of my friends started calling me Stretch.

On a more recent basis, I often feel “stretched” by all the things going on around me – career, marriage, parenting, church, running, reading, friendships, extended family, relationship with God, etc. (in no particular order). My hope is that this blog will provide an opportunity to express some of my “stretch marks” and to possibly hear your thoughts as well. France Trip 2006-020

So here is a bit more about me: I’m a Christ-follower, husband, dad, son, uncle, engineer, runner, chicken farmer, gardener, saxophone player, operations manager, adventurer, and the list goes on…. I’m extremely blessed to have the best wife in the whole world. We met at Grove City College. We were engaged on top of the Eiffel Tower. We got married in Greensburg, PA. Now, we live in Schwenksville, PA with our two incredible kids, and our black lab.

My Contact Information

You can contact me via e-mail or follow me on Twitter or Facebook.


This is my personal blog.  The opinions I express here do not necessarily represent those of my employer, Siemens Industry, Inc.  The information I provide is on an as-is basis.  I try to be accurate, complete, and current, but I don’t always get it right, and I will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its use.  More than anything, I want this blog to bring glory to God.


My blog is built on WordPress 3.8 (self-hosted). I use Standard, a premium WordPress theme now supported by WooThemes.

In terms of design, the header is designed by Kreitinger Design Studio.

For blog hosting, I recommend HostMonster. It is easy-to-use, reliable, and inexpensive.

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  • Hi Jon! I noticed you commented on Michael Hyatt’s site, and then I saw a comment you made on Jeff Goins’ site as well. You mentioned some challenges with getting your blog noticed as much as you’d like, and needing to do guest blogs so I thought I’d check it out. I feel the same way about my blog sometimes. I don’t know if trading guest writing would appeal to you, our content is a bit different and maybe you wouldn’t like my writing, but…I’m game to consider it. My following isn’t big so it may not even be helpful to either of us! Just throwing out an idea. I wish you all the best with your writing. Do you like to write anything other than a blog? 

    • I’d love the idea. What is your blog address? This will give me a chance to see how my writing might fit in at your place. I look forward to hearing back from you.

    • Hey Laura. I hear what you’re saying and I’m new too but the thing I’ve come to know is not how big the blog is, but rather the connection you make when you guest post. It may not get many comments or have much traffic…but you will build a relationship with the blogger themselves and that is worth it alone.

      Hope you’re gaining traction since it’s been awhile since you commented. Don’t give up! 😀

  • Hi Jon, I’ve been following your writing for a while now and really enjoy following your journey. I would encourage you to continue nurture this gift!

    • Chris, Thanks so much for your encouragement! I can’t tell you how much your feedback is valued.

  • Hi Jon, Thanks for your response to me about cards in the CLo comments! I don’t want to use the CLo blog to advertise so am contacting you this way. My eddress is cabinart at cabinart dot net and the card page on my website is cabinart dot net slash cards.

    • Thanks, Jana. I did take a look at the site. Am I correct that I saw one package of notes that are designated as Thank You notes, and the rest are blank?