Book Project – Learning To Release / A Call For Your Help

Last week, I posted on the blog asking people to Help Me Pick A Book Cover Design.  Traffic spiked on this day as people responded with their thoughts, encouragement, and criticism.  I’m discovering courage is required when launching book ideas into the public.  I received so many comments.  Mostly, I received encouragement.  Some readers offered constructive feedback on how the designs could be better.  And I even had a couple of people submit their own design ideas.

Honestly, I wasn’t prepared for the deluge of feedback.  I’m glad I put it out there for the “world” to see.  And I’m thankful everyone responded.  It was so helpful, but I just wasn’t quite ready for the variety of responses.  I’m naturally a people-pleaser, so I am cursed with wanting to make everyone happy.  I don’t think this is possible.  Everyone has their own perspective and preferences.

I’m starting to realize the importance of writing and publishing for me first and then for everyone else.  Obviously, I want my writing to challenge people and even be well received, but this won’t always happen.

I am getting ready to launch my first book project.  If all goes well, On Track – Life Lessons From The Track & Field will be released by the end of the month.  There’s a natural tendency to hold onto it until it’s perfect, but I’m learning I need to let go and release it; otherwise, I will fall into the trap of failing to ship.

On Track takes a spectator’s perspective from the athletic field to the classroom of life.  Each chapter takes a look at a certain aspect of the track and field world and translates it to everyday life.  From the practice field and the starting blocks to the finish line, we can all learn important lessons from the track for living and running the best race possible.

Here’s where I could use your help:

  1. Pray for me.  I’d really appreciate your prayers.  I want my writing to glorify God.  Pray I’d stay focused on finishing up this project.  Pray I’d release it.  Pray that it would stretch people.
  2. I’m looking for some people to read and review the book.  You don’t have to be a track athlete to get something out of this book.  I think it has something for everyone.  At this time, I’m looking for the reviews to be posted on March 31st.  If you’re interested in reading and reviewing the book, leave a comment, send me an e-mail at, or fill out the contact form below, so we can connect.  If you are up for this opportunity, I’ll send you an advance copy a week ahead of time.
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These two things will push me to the finish.  I appreciate your help!

What keeps you on track towards finishing a goal or project?  What project are you working on now?  How can I encourage you to keep going?

Special thanks to John Noonan of True Blue Media for the incredible cover design.  I’m looking for an editor who can read over the manuscript prior to release.  If you can help, let me know.