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      The Stretched Blog Visits Failing Forward – The Power Of Gratitude

      Jon Stolpe's Thank You Thursday Story

      We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

      Over the past couple of months, I have formed a new habit.  I started writing handwritten thank you notes on Thursdays to deserving recipients in my office.  The impact of simple gratitude has been amazing.

      Today, I have the honor of guest posting over at Matt McWilliams’ blog, Failing Forward.  Matt is the person who got me started on this new habit.  My post, The Power Of Gratitude, explains how I joined the Thank You Thursday Revolution, and it tells the stories of one of my thank you notes.  I hope you’ll head over to read the post.  While you’re there, check out Matt’s other writing.  He is a tremendous blogger who writes about intentional leadership on a daily basis.

      Here’s an excerpt from the post:

      A couple of months ago, Matt posted about starting a Thank You Thursday Revolution.  I don’t know if you remember that post, but I took him up on the challenge.  Matt’s challenge involved writing a Thank You Note (or notes) every Thursday.  He encouraged readers to put a recurring reminder on your calendar to make sure we remembered to write a note.

      My world has been rocked by the Thank You Thursday Revolution.

      Since I read Matt’s post, I have delivered a handwritten Thank You note to someone in my company every Thursday.

      [Click here to read the rest.]

      If you are visiting from Matt’s blog for the first time, welcome!  I’m so glad you stopped by The Stretched Blog.  I hope you’ll consider becoming part of The Stretched Community by following along and adding to the conversation through the comments.  I blog daily about life’s STRETCH marks.  Here are a few posts to get you started: