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      Redefine Rich

      What does it mean to be rich?

      Matt Ham is on a quest to redefine rich.  He writes about it on his blog.  He talks about it on his podcast.  And he’s getting ready to release a book designed to help you think differently about what it means to be rich.

      I’m excited to share some special news from Matt Ham’s world.  He recently released a podcast interview with me.

      I’m so thankful for the opportunity to speak with Matt.  I think our conversation will challenge listeners.  And I think you’ll like it.

      I’d really appreciate it if you would give the interview a listen.  (It’s available on iTunes on directly on his website.)

      Once you’ve listened, let me know what you think.  Then tell your friends about the interview, so they can listen as well.


      What does it mean to be rich?