A Chance To Promote My Wife

LeanneCan you do me a big favor?

Can you head over to my wife’s site (leannestolpe.com), and say hello?  (Click here.)

Leanne is a Life Purpose Coach, and she is passionate about helping moms discover and embrace their purpose.

If you are a mom or you know a mom, you should check out her blog on the site.  She writes a new post every week.  Her post this week is 5 Keys To Keeping Your Identity When You Become A Mom.  (Click here to get right to the post.)

If you sign up for her list, she will send you a FREE resource to help you confirm your purpose – 5 Signs You Found Your Purpose.

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Leanne has a lot to offer moms who are struggling to find their purpose or who are struggling to make room for living out their purpose.

One more thing, could you send a message to some of the moms you know who might benefit from reading Leanne’s blog or talking to Leanne?