Thoughts From Seeing Mary Poppins On Broadway

Last week during our New York City adventure, we visited the New Amsterdam Theater to see the Disney musical, Mary Poppins.  Our Broadway evening  actually began in the afternoon when we lined up in the middle of Times Square to purchase discounted show tickets at the TKTS kiosk.  As we waited in line we decided to pursue tickets for Mary Poppins or Sister Act.  When we reached the end of the line, the Mary Poppins tickets were available at a better price, so we went with this show.

When we arrived at the theater later that evening, we discovered that our seats were up near the back of the balcony in one of the biggest theaters in the theater district.  Nevertheless, we were happy to be there seeing a Broadway show with our kids.

As the show began, we quickly learned that we were in for a treat as we experienced sets and props that were amazing and actors that did an amazing job with the songs we all grew up listening to that were part of the original movie.  My favorite songs were Step In Time and Supercalifragilisticexpaladocious (did I spell that correctly?).  You couldn’t help but tap your feet and clap your hands as the dancing and hand jiving continued on the stage.

For me, the story as played out in the musical emphasized the importance of taking time for family.  In the musical, Mr. Banks discovers that his focus on his career and wealth have clouded his focus on what’s more important – his family.  By the end of the musical, Mr. Banks finds a balance between work and family.  I was inspired by this part of the story.  I generally believe that I keep my family first, but there’s no question that there are times when my focus on work and other things can overshadow things that should have a higher priority in my life.

And so…I left New York City seeing a great show and being reminded of a great lesson.

What’s got your focus right now?  Are your priorities in the right order?

Have you ever seen a show on Broadway?  Share your experience.