Magic Boy and Super Sitter

It’s hard to believe how quickly our kids grow.  This picture was taken the first day of school (this year), and I think they’ve grown another few inches since then.  A couple of weeks ago, we took the kids with us to visit Grove City College for Homecoming and Leanne’s 15th Class Reunion.  Leanne and I felt especially “older” as our kids were clearly the oldest kids among Leanne’s classmates.

One of the cool things about our visit was how our friends’ kids were attracted to our kids.  When we were walking over to line up for the parade, one of our friends’ kids ran up to Isaac and said, “Hey Magic Boy, do a magic trick!”  And he was completely serious.  He had been to our home a month or two prior to homecoming and remembered Isaac doing magic tricks for the kids.  Leanne and I often remark to each other how much of a performer our son can be.  He loves to put on shows for people.  He is the first to jump on the piano or to take out his trumpet when guests come over.  We sometimes wonder what Isaac will do when he grows up.  Perhaps, he’ll be the ring master for a circus, a musician, or a preacher or worship leader.  It’s fun to imagine as we watch our son bloom.

At Grove City, most of the kids were attracted to Hannah.  And many of the parents were putting bids on Hannah to come to their homes over the summer to watch their kids.  Hannah is a leader and a care-giver.  She knows how to take charge and how to have compassion.  She had the opportunity to hold a baby, and it was fun to watch her as the baby fell asleep in her arms.  She also was the leader for the preschoolers and elementary kids as they made up games and did crafts together.  Leanne and I often say that Hannah will have an interesting future.  Will she be a teacher, a missionary, a mom, or president of some organization?  Like her brother, it’s fun to watch as our daughter matures and becomes a young lady.

As we watch our kids grow, we have come to know and realize that time goes so quickly.  Each moment is precious as they fly by before our eyes.  It’s for this reason that I often say that Paul’s call in Colossians to “make the most of every opportunity” was about sharing our faith, but it’s also a great reminder to take advantage of the time we have with our kids.  Walking around Grove City College a couple of weeks ago with our kids was a huge reminder that our kids will be venturing to college before we know it.  We need to make the most of these days we have with “Magic Boy” and “Super Sitter.”

What characteristics and gifts to you see developing in your children?  What are you doing to make the most of the opportunities you have with your children?