A Rock Is A Good Place To Kiss

As I was thinking about today’s post, I was reminded of a reason to celebrate at this time of year!  On October 10, 1993, Leanne and I shared our first kiss on a rock along the river at McConnell’s Mills a park a little south of Grove City.  I still remember this day like it was yesterday….

Leanne and I picked up sandwiches at Subway when we left campus after church on this particular Sunday.  I think I had a cold cut trio sandwich, and Leanne may have had the same.  We parked in the upper portion of the park and walked down to the covered bridge near the old mill.  From there we walked along a path by the river until we discovered a perfect rock.  Here we sat and ate our lunch, we enjoyed each others company and conversation, and then it happened!  We shared our first kiss – my first kiss!  I was blown away!  The rest of the day gets a little more blurry….

When we arrived back at campus, I dropped Leanne off at her dorm.  It was an awkward goodbye.  Do we share another kiss?  When will we see each other next?  So many new questions.  From there, I walked back to my dorm room, it was a little crazy back in Lincoln.  My room was filled with my roommates and friends watching Sunday afternoon football.  I wasn’t quite ready for the crowd.  I just wanted to lay down on my bed and process what had just happened.  A couple of my friends picked up on the glow that must have been coming from my face.

That night at Hicks Dining Hall, I remember running into one of Leanne’s friends as I carried my tray to the salad bar.  Her friend must have thought I was pretty clumsy as I dropped my tray all over the floor at the dining hall.  I think my nerves were on the edge as I was still processing the days’ big event.  At any rate, Leanne’s friend still speaks with me, so it must not have left too much of an impression.

To make the story a little more amusing, Leanne and I went back to the same rock when year later when I returned to campus for a visit.  1994 was a bit colder than 1993, and the water was higher, so we couldn’t sit right on the same rock as we shared our Subway sandwiches.  As our time together was drawing to a close, I thought it would be a good idea to climb down to the rock where we shared the actual kiss.  Little did I know that the rock was now covered in a slippery moss.  As I stepped onto the rock, my feet began to slide and before I knew it, I was up to my shoulders in freezing cold river water.  Talk about embarrassing!  As Leanne helped me out of the water and we walked back up to the car, we laughed as we shared a new humorous memory connected with our special place.

I’m so thankful for these memories and the chance to celebrate the good that God has done in our relationship.  As we approach this special milestone in our relationship, I praise God for allowing our lives to intersect and become one.  God is good!

Okay, time for you to share a special or embarrassing moment.  Come on!  Let us celebrate and laugh with you.