How I Spend My Time Is A Moral Issue

“How I spend my time is a moral issue.”

This was the statement someone made to me yesterday, and I can’t stop thinking about it.

How does this statement impact you?  I mean if we’re serious about it, this statement could change the way we live or at least change the way we think as we live.  Is wasting time immoral?  When I fail to make the most of each and every opportunity am I sinning?  How do I really live in light of this statement?  Do I make the most of the time that I’ve been given?

Does watching TV count?  I mean, come on, I love watching those reality TV shows like Survivor, Amazing Race, and Biggest Loser.  Are you telling me that watching these shows could be wrong?

How about surfing on the internet?  I’m not into porn, but I probably spend too much time on the computer surfing the social media scenes on Facebook, Foursquare, Empire Avenue, Twitter, etc.  Could too much time on the computer mean that I’m sinning?

How about during my drive time?  I’m in the car at least an hour every day driving to and from work.  Surely, I don’t make the most of my time in the car.  Hmmm….

Do you see what I mean?  This statement has got me thinking!

What do you think?  Does that statement hit you the same way?