eBook Review: Community Wins by Bryan Allain

Stop over TODAY at Amazon to pick up a FREE copy of Bryan Allain‘s latest eBook, Community Wins.  After today, it will no longer be FREE.

If you’re a blogger, a writer, a product developer, or someone who is simply interested in building an on-line community, I would recommend you check out Allain’s eBook.  Community Wins is a short yet power-packed workbook full of wisdom and activities designed to get you thinking of building and strengthening your community.

This is a resource that I will go back to again for my own community building efforts and projects.  The book is broken up into 21 short chapters which each include an action step for readers to follow.  Some of the actions are quick and easy, but many of the actions will require more time, energy, and effort.

I appreciate the way Allain put Community Wins together.  He seems to understand the world we live in with shorter attention spans and big dreams.  It’s my honor to recommend Community Wins to The Stretched Community.  Go out and get it today!