eBook Review: An Idiot’s Guide To The Galaxy by Kevin Haggerty

Today, I’m honored to be included on a list of select people who picked up a preliminary copy of a new eBook that is being released today.  In An Idiot’s Guide To The Galaxy, Kevin Haggerty utilizes his wit and humor to pull the reader into his take on the everyday idiot.

At first, I wasn’t sure what I was getting into when I agreed to read Kevin’s eBook.  I mean I don’t consider myself an idiot, and I’m not one to call others on the carpet for their idiotic behavior.  But I learned right off the bat in Chapter 1 (An Idiot’s Guide to Driving) that I might actually be more of an idiot that I first imagined.  Oh well.  As I read through the remaining chapters, I realized that in one way or another we’re all idiots.  While An Idiot’s Guide To The Galaxy brings this fact to light, it also encourages the readers to hold each other accountable to overcoming the idiotic things in our lives.  You have to check out Kevin’s new eBook.  Click here to get more info.  By the way it’s FREE – how can you go wrong!

I could have added a chapter titled “An Idiot’s Guide to Yard Work and Home Improvement”.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve shocked myself, inflicted myself with poison ivy, run over things with the lawn mower, and damaged formally perfect drywall, piping, etc.  Just this weekend, I decided to prune my raspberries wearing short sleeves and shorts.  You should see the scratches up and down my arms and legs today.  I must be an idiot too!

What have you done recently that qualifies you to be an idiot?

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