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September 23, 2013 — 7 Comments


Today, I’m guest posting as part of The Network for Chris Vonada at his blog, I’m Just Thinkin’.  In my post (When Words Sting), I share 5 suggestions for responding to insults.  Here’s an excerpt to get you started.

When Words Sting

“If I get a 1,000 compliments and one insult, guess which one I listen to?

The insult, of course.

I have an unbelievable ability to ignore a swarm of positive words and camp out on the one negative.”  Jon Acuff (

It’s probably happened to all of us at one time or another – someone says something to us that absolutely stings.

Maybe they call you names.  Maybe they are just rude.  Maybe they insult you.

Words can hurt!

Words can sting!

Words can leave a gash on our hearts!

So how can we respond when this happens?  How can we move past the pain of words?

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How do you deal with words that sting?  What step do you need to take today to get past wounds that have been caused by words?

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  • David Paul Stolpe

    I grew up as an awkward kid who had ADHD and struggled in school. I was in both gifted and talented and special Ed. Simultaneously. I took a fair bit of stinging words from kids and teachers alike. But I also knew there were people who could see past my mess and see that I had gifts ff to offer the world. Those individuals, Mrs. Coulter, Mrs. GGGGGrovatte, Esther Fowlie, Miane Edwards and so on kept me going. Now I work to be that person for the students i serve who people treat add if they were a problem and more trouble than worth. Today I am pretty convinced that I am the hardest person on myself, so the stinging words of others carry little wait compared to what I would say.

    • I think you speak to a very important aspect of overcoming insults – we need people in our lives who will be a positive voice.

    • Norman Stolpe

      Great response David! I am proud of you.

  • Heading over

  • Steve Y

    Great timing as this happened last week to me. I spent so much time in scripture realizing that I mess up so much and am forgiven so I need to do the same to others. It is also realizing that there my might an underlying reason the strong words happen and have nothing to do with me.

    • That’s a good point, Steve. We don’t often know or fully understand where people are coming from and why their words come out so harshly.