Ruth and Raymond G. Perelman Building

For the past three years (give or take a few months), I have been working on a big project for the Philadelphia Museum of Art. On September 15th, the Ruth and Raymond G. Perelman Building will open across Kelley Drive from the main museum building. This renovated and enlarged building will be the home to special exhibits, art storage, art conservation and preservation, art library, and offices for many museum employees. The picture above really doesn’t do the building a whole lot of justice, so I’d strongly recommend a visit to see this magnificent building.

My company had the pleasure of installing an HVAC building automation system, a fire alarm system, and a security system. I had the challenge of supervising the installation of the building automation system and the fire alarm system, and I designed the entire building automation system. There are several for cool behind the scenes things that happen in this building, and it was challenging and rewarding to be part of this landmark construction project.

Last night, I had the privilege of taking Leanne to the building for a special open house for the contractors, employees, and design personnel. It really meant a lot to show Leanne the fruits of all my hard work, and it also meant a lot to hear the praise of so many people from the museum and from the construction team.

What’s next? We’ll see…. For now, the Perelman building will be added to a long list of buildings that I will point out to my friends and family – proud to know that I had a part in it.

Until the next post….