Knuckles and Bozo

This morning, I ran 11.65 miles with Joe Homan and Dave Freed. It was a beautiful morning – low humidity, mild temperatures, great friends. Actually, we ran 10.05 miles. The remaining 1.6 miles was spent trying to make sure our new friends Knuckles and Bozo didn’t get hit by a car. Let me explain.

Knuckles and Bozo are the names we gave two dogs who ran alongside us for about 5 miles on the Perkiomen Trail. They were very friendly – perhaps too friendly. When we finally stopped to look at their tags, they lived at least 5 miles away. Amazing! Thankfully, a lady from the SPCA happened to be driving by as we were finishing up our last bit, and she offered to take them to their owners. This is certainly a funny story that we will remember for a while. We were actually starting to wonder if Joe was going to be adding two new pets to his family.

What a great day!

Until the next post….