Lunar Eclipse

This morning, I woke up for my 5AM run, and I had the pleasure of seeing the lunar eclipse. The eclipse had just started when I woke up, and it was in full effect when I returned from my 3 mile run in the dark on the Perkiomen Trail. What an amazing universe we live in. How can you tell me that there wasn’t a creator behind all this. Here’s a top six list of my observations today that God is behind it all:

6. The lunar eclipse this morning. Imagine trying to get three huge objects (sun, earth, and moon) to line up in the middle of a vast universe.

5. Our grass outside isn’t brown anymore. After a couple of months of little to no rain, it finally rained last week. And almost overnight our entire lawn went from brown to green. Try doing that yourself.

4. God puts people in our lives for relationships. Recently, a family moved into the neighborhood. We had been praying for a boy Isaac’s age to play with. The neighbors have four boys all around our kids ages.

3. God is our provider. I have a job. We have food and shelter.

2. God provides opportunities for us to interact with people who don’t know Him. Today, I had some awesome conversation with a co-worker of mine about evolution and intelligent design and God’s hand in everything.

1. God’s love is amazing. He loves me so much that He would send His only Son just for me even if I was the only one on the earth. To quote Vince Antonucci: “I am God’s greatest treasure.” (And so are you!) Lucky? Maybe. Blessed? Most certainly!

Until the next post….