Red Light, Green Light – Give Thanks In Everything

This Sunday, our family was running late for church.  As we drove together, we came to two traffic lights where we normally have to stop at one of the lights.  This time both lights stayed green.  As we drove through the second life, I said, “Thank you God for green lights.”  As I said this, I smiled thinking about my mom.  When I was young, I could hear her saying these very words in our car perhaps as we were also running late for church.  I think my mom has always been a great example of being thankful for the simple things.

Getting back to my ride to church this past Sunday, the next traffic light we came to was red.  “Ahhh!  Come on!  We were on a roll!” My wife said to me, “Do you thank God for the red lights too?”  Wow, what a question.

On a much bigger scale, do I thank God for the ups AND downs?

The Bible talks about “giving thanks in all circumstances.”  I guess that seems easier said than done.

Am I thankful when I face a challenging situation at work?

Am I thankful when I’m hungry?

Am I thankful when I’m sick?

Am  I thankful when my wife or my kids face a challenge that I can’t fix?

Am I thankful in all circumstances?

It’s amazing that a few simple traffic lights can speak so loudly to what I need to hear.

What are you thankful for today?