Your Best Year Ever – 3 Ways To Practice Everyday Gratitude


If you’ve been following the blog world the past several weeks, there have been countless posts about setting goals and making plans for a great year.  Michael Hyatt launched a goal-setting campaign called Best Year Ever.  I think there is a lot of merit to setting goals, and I’m certain Hyatt’s curriculum is excellent and effective for helping subscribers to take action which will lead to a better year.

Today, I’d like to offer one simple mindset shift which will greatly improve your chances of having the “best year ever.”  It starts with two words:  THANK YOU!

Yes.  Your best year ever starts with gratitude.

I’m not talking about an occasional “thanks.”

I’m talking about developing a discipline of everyday gratitude.

Learning to be thankful and to express it regularly will lead to a much better year – perhaps, your best year ever.  Here are a few simple steps you can take to practice everyday gratitude:

3 Ways To Practice Everyday Gratitude

  1. Keep a thankful journal.  Thanks to my wife, we have a journal on our kitchen table.  Each night when we sit down for dinner, each of us takes turns writing down one thing for which we are grateful.
  2. Say “Thank you” at least once a day.  It helps to actually tell someone you appreciate them or something they did.
  3. Join the “Thank You Revolution.”  I’ve talked about this before.  Matt McWilliams started the Thank You Revolution a couple of years ago.  As part of the revolution, he encourages others to write at least once thank you note every week (typically on Thursday).  For more information on how to join the TYR (Thank You Revolution), click here.

What step(s) are you taking to have your best year ever?  What action(s) can you take to practice everyday gratitude?