In Response To Ann Coulter

I don’t write about politics here on the blog (or on Facebook), but I couldn’t help but respond to Ann Coulter’s recent blog post, “EBOLA DOC’S CONDITION DOWNGRADED TO ‘IDIOTIC'”, which appeared on her blog August 6th.  I don’t read her blog as a general rule, but I was pointed to this post by a missionary friend of mine, Caleb Suko.  (For Caleb’s thoughts on Ann’s post, click here.)

Ann’s blog is not open to comments, so I figured the best way for me to respond might be through my own blog.  While I seriously doubt Ann will read my post, I’m hoping you will read her post and develop your own opinion.  Here’s mine:

For the record, Ann Coulter does not represent the opinions of all conservatives or all Christ followers.

Having just returned from a trip to Guatemala where I know we made a difference for at least two families, I can state certainly that our trip outside the US to Guatemala was exactly what and where we were called. And the trip may have made a difference in Guatemala, but it is making just as big of a difference here at home in Pennsylvania and the United States.

I agree that America is a mission field, but so is the entire world.

Wake up! Get your head out of your…., and go to a third world country. Your perspective will be altered, Ann Coulter. Maybe you will see that God created the whole world and not just the USA (although I am deeply grateful for my country). Maybe you will come home with a mission mindset far deeper than you ever imagined.

While I don’t know the whole story of Dr. Kent Brantly, I think it’s pretty bold for Ann Coulter to presume that Kent Brantly wasn’t following God’s calling for his life by going to Liberia.

Ann, I pray your eyes and your heart will be opened. Thank you for your compassion on those hurting inside our borders, but don’t forget the rest of the world.

Also, you might be a little surprised that God’s “rules of economics” don’t match up with your “rules of economics.”

Am I off target?  What do you think?  If you could speak with Ann Coulter about this post what would you say?