Ice Breaker – It’s The End of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

Each week on The Stretched Blog, we ask an ice breaker question.  The questions are designed to help us get to know each other here in The Stretched Community.  I’ll provide my answer to the question here in the post, and then you can leave your response in the comments.  While you’re in the comments section, see how others answered the ice breaker question.

According to speculation and the Mayan calendar, the world is supposed to end today.  The Bible is pretty clear that no one knows when the end will occur, so I’m not real concerned about these predictions.  My hope is that I would be living my life with the same sense of purpose and urgency whether the world ends today, next week, next year, or a hundred years from now.  This week’s Stretched Ice Breaker is inspired by the speculation surrounding today – December 21, 2012.

Question:  How would you spend your time differently if you knew you had just 24 hours to live on this earth?  What would you eat?  With whom would you hang out?  Where would you go?

My Answer:  Like I said in my introduction, I hope my daily life is filled with the same sense of urgency and purpose regardless of my end date.  On the fun side of things though, I would probably eat a nice steak dinner with jumbo shrimp cocktail, buttered carrots with bacon, garlic mashed potatoes, and creme brulee for dessert.  I would certainly want to hang out with my family.  I would probably write a blog post about the importance of making Christ first in your life, about the importance of stretching, and about the importance of appreciating each moment and each person in your life.  I’d probably hang out at home or go for a walk on the Audubon trail near our house.  And I’d call my loved ones just to say”I love you.”

I don’t think I’ll have steak for dinner tonight, and I’ll be heading into the office today.  But I’ll still have an opportunity to live with this kind of intentionality.  Even if it’s the end of the world as I know it, I feel fine!

There you have it – my answer.  Now, it’s your turn.  Answer this week’s ice breaker question by leaving a comment.  I look forward to reading your response!