Book Review: Kingdom Journeys by Seth Barnes

I’ve promoted Kingdom Journeys on my blog the past few weeks as part of the Launch Team for this new book by Seth Barnes.  I have finally finished reading the book, and I thought I should share some of my thoughts.

Kingdom Journeys is a call to action.  It’s about encouraging Christians to follow the example laid out in Luke 10 where disciples were sent out on kingdom journeys with little more than the clothes on their back and the shoes on their feet.  In Kingdom Journeys, Seth Barnes provides evidence that kingdom journeys are actually a lost spiritual discipline that Christians need to rediscover.

Throughout the book, Barnes weaves in teaching with stories from his own experiences and from the experiences of those who have embarked on their own kingdom journeys through his missions organization, Adventures in Missions.  The stories restlessness, abandonment, brokenness, and dependence stir the reader to consider how they are living and where they are serving.  The book will inspire you to think again about the importance of going out on your own kingdom journey.

In a way, I felt like I was being spoken to from two angles.  The book is clearly written to young adults who are at a crossroads of education and career.  In some parts of the book, I wondered if I was too old to be reading the book.  Having just come back from an Adventures in Missions trip to Guatemala this summer, I realized that Seth Barnes was speaking to me.  I’m still young!  From the other angle, I realized that I have an important role as an apparent and “older” adult.  It’s my responsibility to release by kids and to help other young people as they follow their own kingdom journeys.

Kingdom Journeys definitely stretched me.  It came at a great time in my own processing as I continue to process my journey to Guatemala and as I consider future kingdom journeys.  It also came as a great follow-up to Wrecked by Jeff Goins and Love Does by Bob Goff.

I would give Kingdom Journeys five stretch marks out of five.  And I would definitely recommend this book to young adults and grown-ups alike.

When was your last kingdom journey?  What’s holding you back from taking a kingdom journey of your own?

Note:  Kingdom Journeys was given to me as part of the launch team for this new book.  I was not required to write a positive review for the book or to give it a glowing recommendation.

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