Book Review: It’s Possible – How To Thrive (Not Just Survive)

Do you ever feel like you are in survival mode?

Does it feel like it’s impossible to get out of the rut you’re in?

Sometimes, we need a simple reminder.  Sometimes, we need a little encouragement.

In Dave Arnold’s latest book, he challenges readers to renew their vision for what is possible. It’s Possible: How To Thrive, Not Just Survive is filled with stories from Dave’s personal experiences designed to help you imagine a life outside of survival mode – a life of thriving.

The book contains common sense lessons about recognizing your destiny deterrents, refusing to settle, and running your race.  (I especially liked the running analogies towards the end of the book.)

Is the book ground-breaking?  Probably not.  But I think it can be useful in giving a shot in the arm to anyone who needs a little encouragement to get over the mountain or speed bump they are facing.

The book officially releases today on Amazon.  Pick up a copy for yourself by clicking here.  If you order the book this week (Feb. 17 – 23), you are eligible for a few special bonuses.  The bonuses are: (1) a digital copy of Dave’s book, Pilgrims of the Alley: Living Out Faith in Displacement; (2) Dan Black’s book, The Leadership Mandate; and (3) a video Dave did in Detroit that ties into the book.  Email Dave your receipt at to get the bonus material.

(For more information about Dave Arnold, check out his blog and consider following him on Twitter.)

(Please note:  I received a copy of It’s Possible for free in exchange for a review.  I was not required to provide a favorable review.  I truly believe this book can be a great reminder to any reader in helping them move from survival mode to a position of thriving.  It’s my honor to be part of the launch team for Dave’s new book.

Also to note:  There are affiliate links in this post.  Should you purchase It’s Possible by clicking one of these links, I receive a small percentage of the purchase.  These funds are used to support The Stretched Blog and to extend ministry and missions to Guatemala.  Thank you!)