Writing – A Strange Discipline

As I write these words, it’s 4:55AM.

People often ask me about my writing.  “When do you write?”  “How do you come up with the ideas for a different post everyday?”  “Why in the world do you write?”

Writing is a strange discipline.

Believe me when I say that I have plenty of other things to do.  My family, my job, my own time for quiet reflection and personal fitness – these are all things that keep me very busy.  Yet somehow I find time to write.  I think it has to do with priorities.  Is writing enough of a priority for me that I would get up extra early to “participate” in this activity?  Or is writing enough of a priority for me that I would put other things aside or modify my schedule to make sure I had daily time to write?  If you’ve been following along since late June or early July 2011, you know that the answer is yes.  Since then, I have posted nearly every weekday and many weekend days.  Writing is a strange discipline.

When people ask me about my content, I’d be lying if I didn’t tell them that writer’s block occasionally sneaks in.  But honestly, life provides so much to write about.  It’s often a matter of simply opening up my eyes, my ears, and my mind to the world that is happening around me.  We live in such a dynamic world, writing is an opportunity to slow down even briefly and to take a snap shot in time of what’s going on in my head.  The other answer I tell people is that it’s important to be plugged in.  Yes, I read a lot of blogs, and I listen to a lot of podcasts.  But I would say that reading books and reading God’s Word are two essential tools for a Christian blogger.  It’s important to keep my mind engaged and well fed.  This is key to writing everyday.  Writing is a strange discipline.

I write for many reasons.  First and foremost, I hope my writing will bring glory to God.  Everything after that is gravy.  I write to wrestle out loud with the thoughts and ideas that come and go in my head.  I write to encourage others (at least I hope this is true).  I write to tap into my creative side (yes, even engineers can have small amounts of creativity).  I write to keep of record of my “stretch marks”.  If I’m honest, I write in hopes of extending my personal platform – of gaining some notoriety – of making my own personal dent in this world.  I write, because I’ve discovered that I am a writer.  Yes, writing is a strange discipline.

Why do you write?  When do you write?  What do you write about?