Words Matter – You Have the Power to Make Someone’s Day

Today, I was in the city (of Philadelphia) for an important meeting related to the largest project my office has ever performed. Without getting into a lot of detail, there were a lot of suits (including me) sitting around a table in a 49th floor conference room talking about bringing this project to completion.

After the meeting, I was walking through the lobby of the building where the meeting took place when a security guy took a few seconds to tell me, “Have a great day, young fella.”

Both parts were really nice, but the “young fella” part really made my day.

In my head I’m still 23, but my body is actually 46. While this may seem young to some of you, I’ll be the first to tell you I’m not as agile as I once was.

The words of the security guard were powerful. The lifted me up. They brought a smile to my face. They made me feel important. They made me feel youthful and energized. And all it took was “Have a great day, young fella.”

Our words matter.

And we have the power to make someone’s day through the words we share.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to use your words to positively change someone’s day. You never know. Your simple words make actually change someone’s whole life.

You matter and so do your words. Use them wisely.

How you words positively impacted your life? How would your life be different if someone used positive words instead of negative words? Share your thoughts in the comments.