Prayer to Start the Week

The past few days, I’ve been blogging about prayer.

What a better way to end the weekend and start the week with a prayer. Here’s my prayer right now…


Thanks for bringing the sun out today after several days of rain. The brightness and the chance to be outside was just what I needed.

Thanks for the time with my family and my church, and thanks for some time on my own. These things seem to fill me up.

As I prepare for a new week with challenges and opportunities waiting, I want to give you my worries and my concerns. I also want to thank you for how you work upstream. In the midst of the ups and downs, I want to represent you well. Give me the wisdom, the strength, and the recall to use my words wisely, to lift others up, and to listen to what others have to say. I’d also ask you to open up my heart to the needs of others. I can become so self-focused sometimes, and I need you to keep my eyes and heart open to the needs of others.

Thank you for where you have put me in my life right now – father, husband, friend, leader, co-worker, writer. May I make the most of the opportunities you have given me, and may I also remember to trust in you and to rest in you.

You are Great. You are Wonderful. You are Beautiful. You are Wise. You are Amazing. You are Marvelous. You are Good. You are Worthy. You are Love.

May I reflect You as I begin this new week.

In Your Son’s Name, Jesus, I pray.