Why You Need to Join the Downsize Revolution

“You’re sick, and you’re making yourself sick,and you can make yourself unsick by stopping doing what you’re doing.”

Daryl Isaacs from Supersize Me

Sometime between the 1970s and the 1990s, America fastfood chains conducted a “Supersize” Revolution.  Restaurants like McDonalds and Burger King began offering extra large portions of soft drinks and french fries at a “value” price.  And Americans ate it up.  Literally.

People began ordering unnecessary and unhealthy amounts of fries and sodas to make the most of the “deal” being offered by these convenient food chains.

And America’s problem with obesity went to a whole new level.

Many fast food chains have toned down their advertisements related to the “Supersize” Revolution in the wake of health and fitness reports.  They’ve even been offering healthy menu options and smaller portion sizes.  Subway even glamorized their ability to help customers reduce their waste size when they jumped on the Jared bandwagon several years ago.

I go to the gym every morning, and I see people working out.  They’re trying to fight obesity and get in better shape just like me.

It all looks good on the surface, but there is still a problem which goes much deeper than the waist line.

Americans (just like me) are caught up in the pursuit of bigger, better, and just plain more.

I’m guilty of it, and I’m guessing many of you are too.  We may not be “supersizing” our food consumption, but we’re busy trying to “supersize” our lives.  We want more.  We want the best.  We want the biggest.  And we definitely want to keep up with the Jones’ (or even surpass them).  (Nothing personal if you happen to be a Jones.)

Eleven years ago, our family moved one mile away to “supersize” our house.  We went from a 1,200 square feet single floor ranch house to a 3,600 square feet two-story “mansion.”  We have also “super sized” our cars over the years going from a Toyota Corolla and Ford Taurus to mini-vans and SUVs.  We purchased bigger “super sized” furntiture to go in our “super sized” house.

And it hasn’t stopped at material items.

We’ve “super sized” our lives by making sure we are involved in every activity and organization under the sun.  From Boy Scouts to jazz band, from Toastmasters to masterminds, from MomsConnect to H.O.P.E., and from cross-country to Chick-Fil-A, our family is maxed out on activities.

Does this sound anything like your experience in life?

How does your “Supersize” life make you feel?

Here’s how I’m feeling.

I’m exhausted.  I’m worn out.  I feel like I’ve gone 15 rounds with Apollo Creed.

I feel like I have way more than I can handle, and it’s time to make some changes.

This is where it gets scary for me.

I hate saying “No”.  I hate giving in.  I’m not a quitter.  And I don’t want to let people down.

It’s not too late for you or for me.  We can decide today to end the “Supersize” Revolution in our own lives.  We can even start are own “Downsize” Revolution.

4 Ways to  Join the “Downsize” Revolution

  1. “Downsize” your calendar.  Take time to purge some of the things on your calendar.  Before you sign-up for another commitment, take a hard look at your current list of commitments.  Decide what is really important, and start getting rid of the rest.  As you head into the holidays and the new year, be intentional about freeing up your time.  You need this time to live, to relax, to focus, and to breathe.
  2. “Downsize” your stuff.  Get rid of the junk that’s clogging your closets, your basement, your garage, and your tool shed.  Sell stuff.  Give stuff away.  And throw away the stuff you simply do not need anymore.  By purging your possessions, you will have more opportunity to enjoy the things you have and the people who mean the most to you.
  3. “Downsize” your relationships.  Don’t make enemies, and don’t disown those around you.  Simply spend more time with the people who mean the very most to you.  Too often, the people who most deserve our attention get our leftovers, because we are too relationally burned out because we hung out with other people too much.
  4. “Downsize” your residence.  Seriously, do you need that four bedroom, three bathroom collosal home?  Imagine for a second the possibilities created by downsizing your house.  Your mortgage could shrink (or even go away).  Your tax bill and your utility bills will decrease.  Your upkeep expenses and upkeep time will dramatically decrease.  You’ll suddenly discover more money to live, to give, and to save.

Our family is embarking on a “Downsize” Revolution.  Will you join us?

By “downsizing”, we’ll be able to “supersize” the things that matter the most in our lives.

What steps do you need to take to “downsize”?  In what areas do you need to “supersize” your life?  Share your thoughts in the comments.