What Would You Like Me To Write About?

June 17, 2014 — 8 Comments

Yesterday, I received an email from a member of The Stretched Community.  He mentioned an idea for a future blog post.

The idea was interesting, and something I will probably pursue in a future post.

The email gave me another idea:  What does The Stretched Community want to read?

So today’s post is all about your feedback.

What would you like me to write about in a future Stretched blog post?

Leave your answer to the question in the comments.  Thanks!

Jon Stolpe


Christ-follower, husband, dad, engineer, manager, runner, blogger, sax player, group life fan, freelance writer, and the list goes on...
  • I haven’t really thought about what I want other folks to write about. Lately I’ve just been trying to keep my head above water figuring out what to write. I enjoy just showing up to see what you have for us.

    • I saw your post and picture from the same day as this post. I have to chuckle sometimes as it seems like we are often on the same page. This post was definitely written out of a period of writer’s blog (and maybe a little laziness). I write first for God and me, but I do care about my readers. I want my writing to help/challenge/stretch my readers. Sometimes, it can be good to ask for feedback.

  • David Stolpe

    I read the blog mainly as a way top keep in touch with my brother and to keep up on what’s going on in the life of his family. For the most part we accomplish that through the blog better than we did without it.

    • True. Thanks for reading (and commenting).

  • Hi Jon
    It is good to engage your community to that much level to even ask them directly what they want to read.
    I think different viewpoints are being published about next Google update on algorithm so I would love to read a post which tells what to do to stay safe from next hit of Google.

    • Muba Mi, thanks for the input. This is not a topic for which I have a lot of knowledge, so I would be interested to learn more about it as well.

  • Great idea, asking the people who read your blog about topics they want you to write about. I’d love to hear more about your experience writing your book and/or a post about your plans and goals for future books.

    • Thanks, Dan. I have written a fair amount about my experience writing the book, but I haven’t shared very much about my plans and goals for future books. This is something I could definitely share in a future post.