Week In Review

This has been a busy week which probably helps to explain why I haven’t posted for almost a week. Monday, I spent preparing for our Tuesday night parenting group. Tuesday, I went downtown for the day to work on some finishing touches to one of my projects. Tuesday night, we had a great discussion about the differences in our children. I was especially reminded how “fearfully and wonderfully made” we have been constructed by God (see Psalm 139). Wednesday I was a little bit later at the office which made for a compressed evening. Leanne and I have been watching Kid Nation on Wednesday nights. This week the town of ~40 kids seemed to be focusing on their “religions.” This show seems to push the limits of the whole reality TV thing. I can’t imagine sending my 9 and 7 year old kids away for a month and a half (especially without any adult supervision). Thursday, I was back in the city for an exciting day of meetings. In the evening, I had a diner meeting with the other coaches from our Home Team (small group) ministry. One of the highlights of this evening was a great driveway conversation with my friend Sean Healy. I was able to squeeze the movie Eragon and Facing the Giants into the week. Eragon (the movie) was not as good as the book in my opinion, but I still enjoyed the theatrical take on the story. Facing the Giants was a great movie – not for it’s acting, but for it’s messages and inspiration. The movie provided a healthy reminder of the importance of praising God when things go well and when things don’t go so well. I would recommend this one. Friday after a busy day at the office, Leanne and I watched the neighbors four boys. We enjoyed getting to know them better – they are great kids. And we finally collapsed in bed around 11PM. Exhausted.

This morning, I’ve been taking care of a few things around the house. I’m getting ready to take the kids to the YMCA, and I just learned some big news for our extended family – there’s going to be an addition. More to follow, once I make sure everything is clear to share.

One more thing, just to help me keep track, I’ve been reading through the Bible this year. It’s October, and I’m still on pace. I’m currently reading in Esther, Revelation, and Psalms (today I read Psalm 106). This has been a great discipline, and it has helped to keep my priorities in check despite a crazy schedule.

Until the next post…