I took the weekend off.

I basically unplugged from the blog world.

There was not a regular Stretched Week in Review post this weekend.

I didn’t read any blogs.  And I didn’t even work on my own blog.

Hard to believe?  For me, yes is hard to believe.

There was too much living to do this weekend.  This is what occupied my time this weekend:  Jazz Festival on Friday night, running on Saturday morning (along with a few errands), Groundhog Day party on Saturday afternoon, basketball game late Saturday afternoon, The Mousetrap at The Walnut Street Theater on Saturday night, church, and a surprise 40th birthday party for one of my good friends.

There really wasn’t a lot of time for much else.

It was good to unplug for a couple of days.  As bloggers, we (or I) can get so consumed by what comes next on our (my) blog posts.  We’re always looking for ways to tie real life into our (my) blogs.  Sometimes, we need to put our (my) blogs aside, so we (I) can just live.

I had fun doing that this weekend.

What did you do this weekend?  Have you “unplugged” recently?