Top Posts for June 2011

Wordle: JMS June Wordle

Once again, it’s amazing all the statistics that are out there for tracking blog traffic.  Below is a list of my top 5 blog posts receiving traffic in June:

1.  Bringing Consistency To My Blog

2.  Humorous Story of a Small Group Leader

3.  Zach’s Adventure (This was my favorite by my son, Isaac.)

4.  I Am A Runner

5.  Raising Kids to Work Together

I absolutely have been loving the dialogue that happens through the comments.  I’ve met some new people this month from all over the place.  And I’ve truly had a blast.  I’m looking forward to a new month in July.  As I’ve stated to many before, my blog is a place for me to process some of the things that are stretching me.  It’s nice to know that some of these thoughts may be helping others as well.

So here’s my question:  Do you blog?  What was your most followed blog post this month?  What was your favorite post this month?

I’d love to hear from you!