The Chicken or The Egg

chicken091709As many of you know, I’ve ventured into the world of “chicken farming.”  If you know me, this idea seems a bit crazy.  This past May, a good friend of mine gave me six Pearl White Leghorns baby chicks (they will eventually lay white eggs – nearly one a day per chicken).  He added two more Araucana baby chicks (they will lay blue or green eggs)  in late June bringing my chicken farm total to eight hens.

Besides all the fun of building the chicken coop which still needs some final touches and a coat of paint, it has been quite an adventure.  I have learned a lot so far – how much chickens poop, how to clip their wings, how fast they grow, how much they like to run around the backyard, how they establish a pecking order, and all kinds of other interesting things.

I’ve enjoyed the various banter from my Facebook friends about what to name the chickens or how to cook the chickens (which we don’t intend on eating).  More recently, I’ve been on egg watch.  I’m expecting that we will start seeing eggs real soon.

My wife is amused by the whole thing (and I think she’s secretly excited about the arrival of the first egg).  The kids have loved it.  They even named two of the chickens (I’m holding Pepper in the photo above).  And so far, I’m loving it!

Stay tuned…I’m sure you’ll hear when I get the first egg!  Until then, I’m quite certain that the chicken came before the egg.