Thanksgiving 2014 – My Job


This week I am celebrating a tradition in our house.  Our family Thanksgiving tradition includes tracing our hand prints onto a white tablecloth.  In each of our fingers, we write down something for which we are thankful.  This week, I’m taking time to share something I’ll be writing on the tablecloth this year.  I’m hoping you’ll contribute to the conversation by leaving something for which you are thankful for each day.

Here is the third thing I’ll be writing down this year:

My Job

In January 2014, I celebrated 18 years with my company.  I work for the leading building automation company in the Philadelphia area.  I came in as a project engineer back in 1996.  I moved through the project management ranks, and I have been an operations manager with the company for the past seven plus years.

I’ll confess that I don’t enjoy every single aspect of my job, but for the most part, I do like my job.  I really appreciate the people who I get to work with day after day.  I like the unique aspect of our projects and the demand for excellence from our valued customer base.  I especially love the fact that I get to help people succeed.

My job has given me the opportunity to see things, go places, and meet people I would have missed out on without this job.  And I’m grateful for the support I and my family have received from my workplace.

I am off from work this week (another reason to be thankful), but I am certainly looking forward to returning back on Monday to conquer the challenges that wait for me.

What is one thing you would put on your thankful list this year?  Why?