Stretch Quote – Greater Capacity (@BidemiMarkMordi)

stretch quote greater capacity

The human spirit is like an elastic band. The more you STRETCH, the greater your capacity.

Bidemi Mark-Mordi

The other day, I discovered an old rubber band behind on the floor near the wall in my office.  The rubber band had been there for a while.  It hadn’t been stretched for a while, and it was actually brittle.  I grabbed two sides of the rubber band, and I pulled my hands away from each other.  The rubber band stretched a little, but it didn’t last.  Within seconds, the rubber band snapped.  It broke.  Instead of a continuous circle of rubber, it turned into a curvy line of rubber.  It was no longer useful, so I threw it in my trash can.

If you don’t use a rubber band, it becomes useless.

Stretching is important for our lives.  We must keep stretching ourselves to maintain our usefulness and to help us grow to new limits.

How are you intentionally stretching yourself?