Once Upon A Time…Help Write The Story

Okay, it’s Saturday, and I need your help.  Together, we’re going to write a story.  How are we going to do that?   Great question.  I’ll start the start here with an introductory paragraph.  Then you can add to the story with your own paragraph by leaving a comment.  Make sure your paragraph is a follow-up to the previous comment.  Feel free to come back later to see how the story is going and to add another paragraph.  Sometime next week, I’ll post the complete story.

Before we start the story, I want to give props to two of my fellow bloggers who gave me the idea for this post.  First, Arny Sanchez of The Analogous Truth did this a year ago, and his blogging community came up with a funny story about The Blogging Knights of the Square Table.  Second, Larry Carter of Deuceology started a new Saturday series today that is excellent.  In his post, Larry starts a piece of fiction that will pull you in waiting for next week’s post.  Okay, now to our story….

Once upon a time in the town of Milton, John Miller lived with his young family on 2nd Avenue.  John, an aspiring artist in his mid 30s, spent his days working down at the local ship yard where he loaded and unloaded ships as they came in and out of the port.  John was married to Caroline, and they had three kids – Jenny (10), Danny (8), and Billy (5).  They lived a happy simple life.  Nothing major happened in their lives.  But that all changed one warm summer day when John discovered something amazing down at the ship yard.

Okay, now it’s your turn.  Let’s see where the story goes.  Add to the story in the comments.