New Ways to Connect to the Jon Stolpe Stretched Community

The conversation on the blog has been great!  Thanks to all of you who continue to follow along and to contribute to Jon Stolpe Stretched.  Today, I wanted to tell you about two more ways that you can connect with the blog and the blog community.  First, I have created a Jon Stolpe Stretched Facebook fan page.  This is a great place to see what’s going on with the blog, and it’s also a great place to connect with other great blogs.  Consider clicking “Like” on the Facebook fan page, and I’d encourage you to recommend this page to others.

Second, you can connect with me on Google+.  Yesterday, Google opened up Google+ to the public.  Consider adding Jon Stolpe to your ‘blogger’ circle.  I’ve been able to keep tabs on a lot of great bloggers who are already on Google+.  This is another great place for the community to stretch and grow.

As always, keep checking in here.  Keep contributing to the community with your comments.  You’re the best!  Thanks!

If you’re a blogger, what tools have you used to extend your blogging community?