Migraine Madness

During the month of February, I dealt with a series of migraines that finally led me to the doctors.  Thankfully, I have been feeling better each day for the past week, and it’s been over two weeks since my last migraine.  In the midst of my migraines, I wrote the following thoughts.  If you’ve had migraines, you can probably relate.  If you haven’t had migraines, this will give you a small glimpse into the “wonderful” world of impaired vision, numb hands, and piercing head pain.

My vision blurs as I begin to lose focus; I can barely see what lies ahead.

The words on the page become wavy as I wish I were home in my bed.

It’s as thought someone squeezed my eyes; I try to blink to see if it clears.

But nothing seems to help.  The pages smear.

Next, I notice my hand starts to tingle; I crack my knuckles to feel them pop.

Then suddenly, I feel nothing; My hand goes numb; my shoulders drop.

I’m frustrated.  Why must this persist?

It drives me crazy.  I can’t feel my fist.

As my vision fades back into view, and the feeling returns to my fingers

I know what’s next – a throbbing head pain that lingers.

Sometimes it lasts for an hour or two (if I’m lucky),

But often the pain and the lack of energy lasts for a day or two.

It feels like someone drove a nail through the side of my head – I want to cry

And then they stuck cotton rags behind my eyes.

Bright lights and sunny skies drive me into the dark;

I put on my sunglasses and I pray for and end to the pain and the disorientation.

When will it stop?  When will I think and see clearly – without distortion?

Can you feel my pain?  What have you been through that left you feeling frustrated or down?  What helped to lift you up?

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