Love Is A Flame

Last night, I finished reading Love Is A Flame – Stories Of What Happens When Love Is Rekindled, a book compiled by James Stuart Bell.  The book contains 43 stories about the hope that be found in the ups and downs of marriage life.  Some of the stories talk about keeping the spark amidst the mundane day-to-day efforts of life.  Some of the stories talk about finding forgiveness and grace when a partnership is violated.  And some of the stories talk about dealing with the challenges of life that naturally come along – challenges like health problems, job changes, and raising children.

With some of the recent challenges that I’ve been facing, I could definitely relate to many of these stories.  In some ways, I feel like I could add story number 44 to this collection of stories.  It was encouraging to read about couples who have successfully navigated the mountain peaks and valleys of marriage.

Whether you are a newlywed or have been married for a long time, whether your marriage is clicking on all cylinders or it’s going through a rough spell, I would recommend this book.  It can be a great encouragement, and it can simply be a great discussion starter for you in your marriage.