Lessons From My Front Lawn

The past three or four years, I’ve paid a company to treat our lawn to prevent the weeds, to prevent fleas and ticks, and to help it stay green and healthy.  There’s no question that it paid off.  Up until the spring, my grass was coming in great and green.

That all changed this summer when we decided not to use the company to treat our lawn and we were faced with one of the hotter and drier summers that we’ve had in a while.  As the summer wore on, our front lawn went from a plush green carpet to a spotty brown and green, weed infested disaster thanks to the lack of treatment and the stresses of the summer heat.  Honestly, I want to throw up every time I pull up our driveway.  It just makes me sick to see what our lawn has become in just one summer.

Now, I realize that a green front lawn isn’t the answer to true happiness and contentment, but I think it speaks to something that is true for our own lives.  Just like water and fertilizer help to keep our lawns healthy, keeping our spiritual lawn green and healthy requires water, nutrition, and weed prevention.  We need to study God’s word (the Bible), and we need to spend time with God.  We also need to  live life in community – the kind of community that can be found by attending and getting involved at a local church along with the kind of community that can be found by getting involved in a small group.  These spiritual treatments are essential to keeping our spiritual lives healthy.

Getting back to my lawn, we finally called the lawn company that we used before, and they explained that our grass can be restored.  The weeds can be eradicated, and the effects of summer stress can be overcome.  It will take some time and special attention, but there is hope for my front lawn.

So, this brings me to my question.  How is your spiritual front lawn?  Is it healthy or does it need some work?  If your spiritual lawn is brown and weed infested, there is hope for restoration and renewal.