In Your Face – Date Night!

It’s amazing how our kids can be so helpful in keeping us on track with things that are important.  Last night, my son reminded my wife and I that Monday night is date night.

Leanne and I have tried hard to leave Monday night open to go out on a date.  Last week, we went to the Philadelphia Premium Outlets to window shop and enjoy a hot beverage at Starbucks (which is another story).  Other Monday night dates from the past have included things like:  playing tennis, going for a walk or bike ride, eating ice cream out, and catching a movie.

Somehow on the heals of a great but busy weekend and a crazy Monday, we forgot this week.  As dinner was wrapping up, we were talking about attending to some home projects following dinner clean-up.  This is when Isaac chimed in, “Isn’t Monday night your date night?”  Out of the mouth of our 10-year-old came a timely reminder of the importance of keeping our weekly commitment.  So we adjusted our plans and took a walk down to the local ice cream place for a tasty treat and some great conversation.

How do your kids help you stay on track?

What do you do to stay connected with your spouse?

What are some of your date ideas?