It Takes A Team

I have been reminded the past few days about how important teamwork is in so much of what I do.

At home, Leanne and I have to be a team as we approach parenting, etc. Also, the kids and we have to be a team to keep things heading in the right direction at home along with juggling our various priorities, etc.

At work, I have to work as a team with my fellow co-workers to successfully provide building solutions for our customers. I also have to work with a team of fellow contractors, customers, and design personnel to correctly complete building projects.

At church, I get to work with an awesome team of coaches who help small group leaders as they lead their groups. In fact, I need to get moving to a coaches meeting in a few minutes.

Without teamwork, most of the things that we try to tackle will not work. I’m thankful to have so many great teammates.

Until the next post…