Brotherly Love

Most people who know me also know that my family is spread all over the United States. My parents and one of my brothers live in Texas. My other brother lives in Wisconsin. My grandma lives in Illinois. My grandpa lives in Minnesota. My sister-in-law and her family live in South Carolina. And my wife’s parents live on the other side of Pennsylvania. We have often said that living in a mobile society really stinks. It is much more difficult to get together since we are spread apart. Another thing that we have often said is that we’re so thankful for phones.

Last night was a great example of this, I arrived home after my coaches’ meeting to a phone call from my brother David. It had been a few weeks since we had spoken, and honestly, the busy lifestyles that are part of both our families contribute to our challenge to keep up with each other.

Growing up, David and I did not always get along especially through high school. In fact, we are very different for many reasons which don’t need to be listed here. The cool thing though is that despite our differences, our bond in Christ is a certain common ground that allows us to look past our past differences and enjoy each other’s company. I love hearing how things are going for my brother and his family. I also love getting to share the joys and challenges related to my own family.

I’m very blessed to have a cool brother (actually two cool brothers) and a great family.

Until the next post….