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      Introducing A New Service Group

      Yesterday, CCV introduced the leaders for the upcoming season of groups at our church.  I must say that it was very impressive to see all the leaders up on stage and to hear about the variety of group opportunities being offered for this fall.  I had the privilege of being on stage to represent an upcoming group that I’m excited to share here.  Leanne and I are co-leading a group along with our friend Sandy Edling this fall.  Here’s a description as advertised in the groups catalog:

      Service Group
      Leaders: Jon and Leanne Stolpe, Sandy Edling

      The Service Group is designed to provide an opportunity to build
      relationships and be intentional about serving others in our
      community. It’s a great opportunity to serve alongside your children
      (elementary school aged and older) and together experience the joy
      that comes from helping others. The first Tuesday of the month, the
      group will get together for a potluck dinner with a short Bible study
      to prepare for the service opportunity on the third Tuesday of the
      month. The service opportunities for the fall include helping at a
      community house, nursing home, and food pantry.


      6:30‐8:00 PM

      First Tuesday‐
      Third Tuesday‐
      Service project

      First and third Tuesday
      of the month