Ice Breaker – Lunch Time Meet-Ups

I love ice breaker questions.  These are questions used to help people get to know each other – to “break the ice” so to speak.  I love to hear what other people have to say and how they think.  So for today, I’m throwing out a simple ice breaker question.  I’ll answer it first, then it’s your turn.  Answer the question by leaving a comment for us all to enjoy.  Thanks!

Question:  If you could have lunch or coffee with three people you don’t know, who would they be?

My Answer:  Hmmm…. (that’s me thinking).

1.  I’d love to meet Bono.  Not only am I a huge U2 fan, I’m intrigued by Bono’s call to action in ending poverty and injustice.  I think he would have some amazing things to share.

2.  I’d go with Barack Obama.  If you must know, I didn’t vote for him.  I’ve always leaned conservatively right (just ask my brother).  Despite this, I think it would be very interesting to have some one-on-one time with Mr. Obama.  I’d be curious to learn how he and his family keep first things first while living in the spotlight.  I’d like to know how he manages his stress.

3.  Lunch with Michael Jordan would be a treat.  I grew up cheering for him.  My bedroom was plastered in Michael Jordan posters.  I loved watching his videos (like Come Fly With Me).  I don’t get the impression that he’s made the best decisions outside of basketball, but I think it would be interesting to talk about his regrets along with his high points.  I’d also like to talk to him about his faith.  I have no idea where he stands.

So there you have it, my three lunch time meet-ups.  Now it’s your turn….