Ice Breaker – International Cuisine

Each week on The Stretched Blog, we ask an ice breaker question.  The questions are designed to help us get to know each other here in The Stretched Community.  I’ll provide my answer to the question here in the post, and then you can leave your response in the comments.  While you’re in the comments section, see how others answered the ice breaker question.

Last night, Leanne and I went to a Guatemalan restaurant to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Antigua Guatemala in Phoenixville, PA was a great place to experience a little flavor for the country we’ll be visiting this summer.  (Stay tuned for more information on a possible fund-raising dinner opportunity at this unique place for an international taste.)  Our dinner inspired this week’s Stretched Ice Breaker.

Question:  What’s your favorite international cuisine?  Where do you go to get your favorite international cuisine?  Do you make it at home?  Do you have a favorite restaurant?

My Answer:  Mexican food is one of the favorites at our house.  If I’m going out, I enjoy Japanese food – especially sushi.  I’m a big fan of the rolls with spicy tuna, avocado, and eel.  But I also like trying new things when I go out.  I’ve never tried making sushi, but I can see how that might be a fun thing to try sometime.

There you have it – my answer.  Now, it’s your turn.  Answer this week’s ice breaker question by leaving a comment.  I look forward to reading your response!  (Feel free to share links.)