How Discipline Helps Keep You Going When You Feel Like Giving Up

alarm-clock-Aristotle quote

Good habits formed at youth make all the difference.


I had every intention of sleeping in last Thursday morning.  I’ve been getting up every day at 4:00 AM for a while (on weekdays).  I’m typically at the gym by 5:00 AM.  When I went to bed Wednesday night, I set my alarm clock back to 5:15 AM, so I could sleep in a while 75 minutes.

I wish I could tell you my internal alarm clock did the same thing.  At 4:00 AM, I was wide awake.  I looked at the clock and tried to go back to sleep.  It didn’t work.  At 4:30 AM, I was still awake, and I thought to myself, “No one is going to go to the gym for me.  If I don’t go someone else is getting ahead of me.”

This is where discipline kicks in.  Even when you feel like giving up or just taking a break, discipline spurs you on.  It reminds you to keep going, and it even carries you when you feel like you can’t do it anymore.

When you consider the disciplines or habits you want to keep, consider wisely.  These decisions along with your initial willingness to act will carry you along the journey of life.

Choose your rut wisely, because you will be in it for a long, long, time.

Choose disciplines for your life that will stretch you and help you grow.

What disciplines do you need to develop in your life?  What disciplines in your life have helped you grow?  How have you seen disciplines or habits carry you when you didn’t feel like moving forward?