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      Help Us Build A House (Or Two or More) In Guatemala!

      We are the Stolpe Family (Jon, Leanne, Hannah, and Isaac).

      familyIn 2012, I (Jon) made my first trip to Guatemala to build a house with a team from our church.  My life changed forever.

      The following year, I brought our family back to the village of Xenacoj to serve the widows and orphans here.  We went back again in 2014 to build two more homes for two widows in need.

      I have a BIG goal – to one day build 100 houses in Guatemala.  This will only happen one at a time.  Each house provides a stepping stone for families to survive and thrive.  When a family can sleep in warm beds protected from the elements, they are better prepared to face the challenges that exist in everyday life in this village.

      This summer, our family is going back to build another house (maybe more).  And we could really use your help!

      We are raising $5,000 to pay for a house, to pay for 5 beds, and to pay the final lodging, food, and in-country travel expenses we will incur while we are in Guatemala for two weeks.

      Here is a breakdown of the costs:

      – House ($2,000):
      – Concrete Floor $ 400
      – Roof $250
      – Masonry Half Walls $500
      – Front Wall $500
      – Back Wall $600
      – Right Side Wall $200
      – Left Side Wall $200
      – Doors and Windows $250
      – Electric (Lights and Outlets) $100
      – Beds ($100 each x 5)
      – Remaining In-Country Expenses ($2,500)

      (If we raise more than $5,000, money will be used to build additional houses in Guatemala.)

      In order to finalize the financial end of our project, we need these funds by the end of May 2016.

      These funds will not only help me reach my goal.  They will change the lives of a widow and her family forever.

      Thank you so much for making this happen.  Your generous donation of any size is greatly appreciated.

      To donate to this important cause, click here.

      One more thing, could you please share this post with your friends and family?  Thank you!