Happy Thanksgiving

This year, our family traveled to Dallas, TX to be with my parents and my brother Erik for Thanksgiving. We had a great time, and I’ll try to share more about the trip in some future posts. For the time being, I just wanted to include you all in a family Thanksgiving tradition that we started in 2001 and has continued through this year. We have a Thanksgiving table cloth that comes out every year at this time. Each year we trace our hands onto the table cloth using some sort of permanent marker, and we write down five things that we’re thankful for as we look back on the past year. This has been a really neat tradition as the table cloth now includes family members who have passed on as well as family from all over the USA. Here are the things that I wrote on each of my fingers this year:

1. Grandpa Stolpe – this February, Grandpa went home to heaven. He was a remarkable man and an incredible grandpa. He always made sure each of us felt special. The last time that I saw him living, he introduced me to everyone as his special grandson – because I came on his birthday. This year’s birthday (Dec. 8th) will be a little strange since we won’t be celebrating it together.
2. Supernanny Parenting Group – as you’ve probably read in my previous posts, this group as meant a lot to us this year. I’m thankful to God for the idea, the direction, and the parents who helped make this group a success. I look forward to finishing up the completed study guide for replicating this group before the year is over.
3. Washington, DC Trip – we had one of the best vacations with just the four of us this year when we traveled down to DC for three nights in early July. It truly was a great trip.
4. Job at Siemens – while things are not always easy in the construction world or in the world of a big corporation, I’m thankful to have a job where I’m treated well and challenged regularly. I look forward to my future opportunities in the future.
5. Last but not least, my family – I am truly blessed with a wonderful wife and two amazing children.

Hope you had lots to be thankful for as well this year.

Until the next post, hope you survived black Friday…