Guest Post: Wondering by Leanne Stolpe

While I’m away in Guatemala, several people have stepped up to share their stretching stories with The Stretched Community.  Today, I have the honor and privilege of presenting my wife, Leanne Stolpe.  Leanne is a mother, wife, teacher, friend, encourager, and she is my biggest support and inspiration here on the Stretched blog.


This year I began a new adventure into the world of special needs as a behavior therapist. There’s days where I love my job-many of them. There are definite benefits. The flexibility is wonderful. I love working with preschoolers. I especially love when I get to work both with the preschoolers and their families. I can see progress made. I work with amazing people-both teachers, co-workers, and my supervisor. Yet there are times when I feel bored at my job.. I feel like I’m not using all my potential.  I feel like I could do so much more. 

I wonder what my next step is. Would I feel more validated if I worked in a school  building? I work in a catholic school  building and still feel the same way. If I got paid more, would it validate this career in the eyes of the world and therefore mine? One thing I know. I was where I was supposed to be this year. I had the flexibility to raise a tiny seeing eye puppy. I provide therapy to a family that first suggested me pursuing my company in the beginning. God has provided opportunities with them. When I get home, I’m mentally home without take home work. I can shut my brain off. I’m down one case and have 3 open afternoons. My students are much more independent than they were at the start of the year. Does that have something to do with my drive for more…to learn more, give more….

What has you wondering these days?